The Perks of Dancing

The AJOC Festival is originally a three-day event where the activities include auctions, concerts, and dancing. On the first day, people come to the festival to auction off some of their favorite pieces while others purchase them. On the second day, three to four bands perform during the night as part of a concert series. These are mostly local Dutch bands. On the third day, people go to the festival to do one thing- to dance. Most people do not dance. They may feel like they are not good enough or not skilled enough. Some are very scared of being judged because of the way they move on the dance floor. Even voucher codes, offers & discounts would not persuade them to stand up and dance.

Truth in dancingajoc

Dancing is the movement of your body and feeling the energy as it runs through your body. There is no right or wrong kind of dancing. Even tribes do their dances based on what they feel like doing. You should not be discouraged to dance because it is just an expression of what you feel as a person.

What are the perks of dancing?

It can help you lose weight

Did you notice that a lot of weight loss material nowadays involve dancing? It is because you are moving your body in one direction or another. Every movement means the use of energy. And when you utilize energy from the fats in your body, you will lose weight. The more you dance, the better you are at losing weight.

For some people, lifting weights and running can be repetitive. If this is you, you should try dancing. It is fun and is great when you involve your family and friends on it. You can laugh and you can sweat while you dance.
It can boost your social skills

When you dance, you are usually with other people. Since you are doing something together, it can help you with your social skills. Dancing can be the means that you are looking for to be more confident in yourself and to be more comfortable talking to other people.