Delicious Food to Eat While in the Netherlands

waffleFor travelers and tourists alike, the first goal when going to a new place is tasting local cuisines. It is innate in any journeyman or woman to go to the most recognizable restaurant in the city that you are in and taste the best food available. For some, food can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For others, a few bucks are enough to completely satisfy their palette. Whether you have special discounts or voucher codes, you will stay aim to taste local food during your whole stay in the country that you are in.

In the Netherlands, it is no different. While you are here, you should taste these wonderful dishes that bring pride to the country:


This is one of the most favorite Dutch snacks. It is actually a pastry that looks and feels like a waffle. Well, in some aspects, it is like a waffle with its delightful sweet taste of the dough. But it is also a cookie because it creates crumbs and is quite crispy on its sides. The stroopwafel is made from baked batter. It is sliced horizontally which creates that circular flat shape.

The stroopwafel was originally a delicacy from Gouda. The stroopwafel material is actually the leftovers of the bakeries upon finishing the other pastries in their shops. But because they are very delicious and are such iconic cookies in the country, it is really a must-try for tourists.



Another popular dish in the Netherlands, the kroket is actually a deep-fried roll with bread crumbs outside and meat ragout inside. This is a famous snack in the country and is very filling and satisfying to the taste. You can purchase kroket on almost every corner of any city in the Netherlands. You will definitely have a taste of kroket during the AJOC Festival because a lot of food stalls will be selling this very mouth-watering snack that originated right here in the Netherlands.


If someone in the Netherlands asks you for a drop, do not do push-ups or go down on the floor. He is just asking you for licorice. Drop is the term the Dutch use for licorice. It is said that an average Dutch eats around two kg of drops per year. You can buy different varieties of drops while you are at the festival.