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The Netherlands is home to a lot of things. The country is recognized for its canals and waterways. It is identified as a place of liberal choices and events. It has Amsterdam, one of the top cities to go to if you like museums and art. You can go to the Netherlands because it offers a lot of beautiful parks. You may want to choose to be in the Netherlands because you want to go up the cliffs and the mountains to see its breathtaking nature. Or you make a tour in the cities to see how many people use bicycles as their primary means of transportation. And you can go to the Netherlands because of its fantastic festivals.

One festival celebrated in the Netherlands, particularly in Mijdrecht, is the AJOC Festival. It has one of the sincerest reasons on why this festival is recognized. The reason? It is because it celebrates rest and relaxation. Yes, it really does! The AJOC Festival is always on the day of the Passover, a big celebration for the Jews. Of course, it is more than that. It is recognized the power of the Almighty during the time of Egyptian rule. And now, it has been adapted to the local traditions through this festival. A great way to start in September.


The first AJOC Festival was first started in 1992. It was because of three different clubs that came together and came up with this event. The inaugural festival was originally a three-day event that is composed of an auction on the first day, a concert on the second day, and a lot of dancing on the third night. The festival did not pick up right away. By that time, two of the clubs already left the group of organizers because they were not able to sustain the yearly event. But the primary group maintained their advocacy to stay with the celebration of the occasion.

It was at the start of the 2000s when people heard about this festival and started going to this event. Sponsors came in and wanted to invest in the festival. These include companies in the Netherlands, global brands, and even online shops like Lazada and Zalora. Local, national, and even international bands wanted to find a way to secure a place for the festival. The event itself was still three-days long. But now, it was an all-day-all-night affair. The concert will start on day one and end on the night of day 3.

So are your dancing shoes ready? Are you prepared to sing and dance with thousands of festival goers for this year’s Ajoc Music Festival? Then you should be because this experience will definitely one for the books for you. Don’t worry about the finances because it’s not as expensive as you might think because you might be eligible for coupon codes just like when you use aliexpress free coupon. Just focus on the preparation from your side like the right outfit to wear, and what to bring on the day and we’ll take care of the fun and excitement for you and your friends. Just like ghostbed coupon codes, you can save a lot if you buy in ahead of time!

AJOC Festival

Today, the AJOC Festival is still the festival to go to every September of every year. You have to get tickets months in advance before you secure your slot. Fortunately for you, we are offering voucher codes and promo codes all year round for you to get special discounts on our tickets. All you have to do is to bookmark our site, register on our page, and receive newsletters that may contain online shops voucher codes for you to use when you buy a ticket. You can also use these codes when you want to purchase souvenirs and memorabilia of the festival.

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Windmolen 75 3642 DA Mijdrecht Netherlands